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What my customers are saying

Real customers giving their honest opinions.
Wendy Thomas, Owner Wendy's Signing Service

"Barbara creates, hosts and maintains her websites for an extremely reasonable price. I doubt you could find another professional to provide the experienced, knowledgeable services she does for less. With your help she ​designs website and marketing materials specific to you ​ and your business.​ I know many people and have seen their ​ professional websites created by Barbara (Everything Else Marketing). She designed and developed my website and business cards with the idea I had in mind.  I would recommend her to any of my friends or co-workers."

Terri Poster-Taylor, Owner:

When I first started my business in 2015, I knew I needed and wanted a website. I tried to do it myself, using a couple of different sites that “walk” you through the process. It was a disaster! And then I found Barbara Ray. She was so helpful and patient with me. I needed to combine my Notary business with my Wedding business and she came up with the perfect title (A Notary and A Wedding), great graphics and there it was…my website! Simple and elegant…just the way I wanted it. Anytime I have an update, I just send it to Barbara and she always say “I’ll have it done in a couple of days”…it never takes that long. Barbara is so easy to work, always pleasant and has great ideas. I highly recommend Barbara Ray to design and maintain your website!

Janice Riter, Owner Blue Water Notary

After being taken advantage of by broken promises on completion dates and paying for work not completed a long with outrageous pricing from other web designers I was so happy to find Barbara Ray. I spoke to her a couple of times about the type of site I
wanted and my vision for my site. I listened to Barbara's suggestions which I am so glad I did. I feel Barbara also listened to me and and was right on with my site. Do to my health issues there are only a couple of things to complete which Barbara is waiting
on me for the information.She takes pride in her work by completing professional websites.So Glad that I found Barbara.

Shelley Shahid-Benfer, Owner

I have had and continue to have good customer service from Barbara Ray. Yes, I gave her a run for her money. With in the week of advertising my website I had Barbara make a final change in the font. She did without hesitation. I am happy with my website, matching post cards and business cards. She responds quickly to emails and is more than happy to answer any and all questions.